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This may have been a question already but in new here lol... Have any of you removed soaps and shampoos that contain sodium laurel/laureth sulfate from your daily cleansing routine? Has it helped?


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 john, Psoriasis terminator
john, Psoriasis terminator @chewbacca

hello carrie, i have found what helps me is diet/lifestyle changes, i been eating very sensible and cut all the potential bad foods out aswell as packet,cartoned,tinned jars of foods, stabilisers and preserves aggrivate the condition or conditions in my case,i am more spotty not scaley, my joints are better by a long way, my nails look great, it is a choice though to do lifestyle changes,psoriasis is not from the skin but, from within, its what we psoriatics do that makes psoriasis of the skin happen, some changes in lifestyle is better than none but, it is a choice a choice fo everyone, i wish you well carries,glad you are okay :)

Carrie @Nightwaters

@John I know healing from within is the best thing to do but my culinary skills are scary so I eat lots of fruits and veggies and do the best I can with the rest.

 john, Psoriasis terminator
john, Psoriasis terminator @chewbacca

hello carrie good , some changes are better than none :),be careful on too much friut though, if you can? citrus fruit is bad for sure for us, a lot of any fruits have sugar, its not easy i know, i still eat fruit not citrus though and i am ok i think :)

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Carrie, welcome to Flaym! Glad you found us. I am not an "eliminator" as such but I am a "minimiser". I do minimise the products I use with SLS, and for my children too. John you are so brilliant with your diet! I admire it so much. For me, as I'm always cooking for me and my small children, I try to minimise gluten & sugar to a minimum but I keep dairy for now for them. And I use no processed foods.

Michelle @mishlyn

Hi Carrie, for myself I have to use natural shampoos as well as soaps. Making that change as well as lifestyle changes has helped me greatly! I hope you are well!

Raymond @Rayydissle

I only use natural soap. African black soap is my soap of choice. It helps a lot. For a second I took it for granted and used normal soap, my skin was really irritated.

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Carrie @Nightwaters
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