...feeling sad Carol @calzanne


Skin suddenly flared and in lots of pain all of a sudden this happened to anyone else in the uk in the last few days wondering if its the weather


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Susan @godcares

Practice, practice, practice Carol de stressing and living in the moment. I bet weather can be a trigger. I know many people on this site have flares in winter. In Canada we have all Seasons very clearly defined. Hope you can get it under control.

michael @macconmara

Carol I live in Ireland and have had a flare up in the last
two weeks.I think mine is stress related

Nan195 @lynnie

Hi Carol, I'm not in the UK, the weather here in SA doesn't seem to affect my P as it's sunny and warm majority of the time.
Take some time to zone out and relax.
Wishing you better 🌹

Carol @calzanne
Willenhall, United Kingdom

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