...feeling happy Dennis @dennis67


So happy for a wonderful beautiful Friday


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Susan @godcares

You betcha Dennis... Raining really hard in Vernon BC but because of all the wildfires this summer BC really needs it! Blessings to you on a new day!

Sarah @sarahuk

Nice one Dennis!

Gina @gina2

Is there a app for this site?

Gina @gina2

Hi everyone it's a little late sorry.

Susan @godcares

Gina there apparently is an app for Flaym. I don't have it though. Just my computer when I go on the site.

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Dennis @dennis67
Columbus, OH, United States

I was raised with a good Christian background and taught from a young age to always respect myself and other people.I still maintains this value wherever I go. Am a very respectful and humble person, I'm very friendly,open minded and straight forward

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