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im so desperate because I can't start a relationship because I fear to reveal how I look like and get refused by someone I love


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Raymond @Rayydissle

If someone loves you, they will love you regardless. My psoriasis developed as I was in a relationship. I have it pretty bad. There have been times when I feel like shit because I don't feel attractive but woman never complained once. Try not to let it bring you down at all.

 john,AQUA MAN
john,AQUA MAN @chewbacca

hello sandy,if some likes you they like you no matter, if you can hide it, it is a choice and bring the conversation out on another date, what i have always done,then you are being honest, i been in relationships in the past and not one cared about it, if you project yourself well, thats what sells you in a relationship. if you are doom and gloom, then, its not the psoriasis its down to how you come across in a start of a relationship,be good to yourself and bring out your great points to people, thats what they see you not the skin, i wish you well sandy

Kloey (Nuggets)
Kloey (Nuggets) @nuggetsmcr

My psoriasis started whilst i was in a relationship, and then when it broke down i thought the same as you, but i met someone and it doesnt bother him, not one bit. Their are people out their that dont care about what you look like just who you are as a person. Good luck, dont let fear hold you back!

Julie @julie8888

Pls. Know there are plenty of understanding fellows out there! It happens when we aren't trying . My hubby is ten yrs younger, he knew how sick I was even though I was in remission, he could tell and loves me and still calls me beautiful, it can happen for you too sweetie.

Bambi @bambi

I was the same way. I was embarrassed to let anyone touch my skin were my patches are. Luckily my husband's grandfather had psoriasis. When I expressed timidity to let him touch my leg when we first met he already knew what it was and had no problem with it. He doesn't see them like I do. Education is key, but the right person sees you not your spots.

James @ferns

Been there done that not going back again.

Annette @annette79

I have p on feet. Slept with socks on for first bit but then after talking about his allergy flare ups I talked about mine. What I guess I am saying is we all of issues and imperfections. Don't be afraid to meet people because of p.

Stephen @stephen15

I had the same problem..but if they love won't make a difference

 john,AQUA MAN
john,AQUA MAN @chewbacca

i am very sorry to hear this stephen, its a shame nothing has ever changed in atittudes towards psoriasis,

Paul @Kiwi

I have had P since 14...I just never hid it or made a secret about it...I found open and honest communication was the key...

sandy @prathi

thank you everyone for your lovely words. I'm in love with a guy and I know he is interested in me too, but he is a guy with high esteem and standards, he cares every single thing. I know we are perfect match, but I'm scared he will not accept me once he know about P. I dont feel like trying and giving my self to work out this relationship. I always distance my self from him because of P.

 john,AQUA MAN
john,AQUA MAN @chewbacca

hello sandy you are welcome, its better if he finds out as soon as possible especially if you are both in love, if he is a genuine guy which i hope he is,he will look past the skin and look at you as person, you obviously do shine as a person sandy :),i hope all goes well,be good for you tell let us know how things go, i wish you well sandy

sandy @prathi

thanks Jone! I hope so too. He knows I have some skin issue, but not as a serious disease/P. He thinks it eventually goes. I'm scared to show him my legs, my post psoriasis patches look so furious.

 john,AQUA MAN
john,AQUA MAN @chewbacca

thanks i see it sandy, there are more serious things than psoriasis out there, its so common its,just we are good hiding it if we want to,glad you are doing the detox psoriatic diet, that will only carry on helping you i am sure, its helped me in the last 8 months and i still have away to go, i still have the odd bad thing but, not too often and its ok,hope all works out ok thanks

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sandy @prathi
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