...feeling frustrated James @ferns


Oh lovely, just noticed I'm developing a nice little plaque right where my watch sits :(


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john, DARTS VADER @chewbacca

thats going to irritate it james with a watch on,i havnt worn a watch in years because it would irritate my skin,i know a lot people like wearing them,sorry about this james

James @ferns

I never wore one for ages, I just used my phone. Now though, one of the service users I work with has epilepsy and during the training, we were told we should always wear an analogue wrist watch, for timing seizure length. It's very important and unique to each person. Okay, an analogue wrist watch is not mandatory, just best practice. I bought one to do best for my service user. I'll need to check with my manager and see if they'll allows an analogue pocket watch. Pity too cause it's a nice watch. It never occured it could cause plaques

john, DARTS VADER @chewbacca

i see james, make sense why you need it,i used to get plaques under the wrist watch when i was child, psoriasis likes to breath dosnt it, it dont like being clammed up though that is hard, when we consider on hiding it all the time

Susan @godcares

Sorry to hear that James. I'm sure you will get it under control.

Annette @annette79

My mom used to put clear nail polish on the back of the watch face to stop the irritation.

Sarah @sarahuk

Uh no those pressure bits are just the worst. Have you tried swapping your watch to the other side while it heals? When I get pressure sores like this I oatmeal them. Oats in a sock, soaked in water.

James @ferns

I'm ambidextrous and wear my watch on my right wrist, on my left wrist just feels wrong. I might try the oatmeal thing though. Does it matter if the water is hot or cold?

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James @ferns

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