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So 3 podiatrist and still can't get a diagnosis To my foot pain :/! Only thing done was X-rays which showed nothing. I asked him to do a scan or MRI but no, he said we'd try taping first and so far helps a little but pain still there


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Susan @godcares

WTH... Planters fascitis maybe? I sure hope they find out soon.

Don @don1

I went through a full run of ultrasounds on all my smaller joints....hands,wrists,elbows,knees,toes ankles....well you get the picture....and all my other joints and back were xrayed.
for me I'm newly the documented starting point for progression or remission. unfortunately I have wait 18 months for another full run of these tests to see if I'm doing well on my medication. but you yourself know how you feel...and explaining issues accurately to your doctor's is key.


Bren @bren2722

Thanks guys! No it's not plantar fasciitis:( the pain is on the ball of my foot and my second toe hurts terrible if I stretch it up:( the doc says it's the ligament and asked me if I injured but I didn't I just woke up one day with pain... very odd but it's been two months and I'm beyond frustrated

Roxanne @roxanne

Psoriatic Arthritis? Hard to diagnos but it could be your problem.

Robert @robertp

Its psoriatic arthritis ! Google it 😨

Christina @christina2

I had the same exact pain in the same exact place for about 3 months. It just showed up one day out of nowhere & the pain was so intense I would cry myself to sleep. The doctors couldn't figure out what it was so I just chalked it up to good ol psoriatic arthritis. I just did lots of stretching & massaging and one day I woke up and it was gone. I hope your pain goes away soon too. Good luck!!

Bren @bren2722

Thank you Christina I will get some massaging and continue taping and think positive :) I have faith it will go away just like yours did :)

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello bren, when i first got psoriatic arthritis 14 years ago the doc did send me to get xrays in my hands and feet but,nothing showed up, it can take years before they see anything,they need to see damage to joints i believe on what i was told anyway why 2 doctors dismissed i had arthritis,i knew and the 3rd doctor knew also when i crunched my finger joints in front of her with no effort, i have small amount of evidence now just in my left thumb, i havnt bothered with xrays or anything since that time,it took 6 years or around to find that i have rheumatiod factor in my blood which confirmed it,i had the blood test for something else and thats when the doc said that i had rheumatiod factor in my blood and i said, i know, i have psoriatic arthritis

Susan @godcares

Bren I walk ALOT. Years ago I would walk, get shin splints, have to rest for a week, walk, shin splints, rest. It was an awful cycle and very painful. The doctor told me that's all I could do and I believed him. I started researching reflexology on line. Now, for years, I roll my foot all over a golf ball. Lots of pressure. I do this before and after walking. I have not had shin splints since. Maybe you might want to try that. Doesn't cost anything and might help. I know many people swear by reflexology for all kinds of things. Take care my friend.

hope @hope53

i developed psoriatic arthritis first in my big toe and that pain was as if someone injected acid into the joints. rubbing it helped me mentally more than anything but my arthritis came on quickly- toe one night and knees by next afternoon and off to the races we went...find a good rheumatologist, if you have (and in some cases you dont have to have) psoriasis there's a good possibility you have the usually starts in a toe...the bloodwork is mainly to rule out everything else...rheumatoid, sjorgens, etc

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