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This will be the first time I lose a fingernail to P. I have one index finger that is seriously bending to the left at the tip and the nail is unhinged on the right side and way underneath. Has anyone ever completely lost a nail? What happens then?


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Robert @robertp

I have ! Use vicks vapor rub on your nail it will soften it up so it not so painfulšŸ¤¢so sorry for your pain .you need treatment H U M I R A works awesome . Your nail will be messed up until you fix the swelling in the joint and nail bed.

Robert @robertp

Put vicks on and cover with bandaid for a few days

Susan @godcares

Jeri I remember my nails, years ago, were hanging on by a small amount. Very painful too. My secret for getting healed was a process. I started from the inside. Changed my thoughts. Ate differently. Feeling grateful. I have posted many times about autoimmune diseases starting in the gut. It's all over google too. I didn't know if it was true or not but had nothing to lose. Life is very different now without any medications. I had alot. More creams than I can say and pain pills too. I believe your nail will grow back. I'm sorry you are going through this. Just keep your chin up. No doctor has the solution and they are learning too. I have a super doctor that loves learning too. He is telling his patients about what I did for all my autoimmune diseases in hopes of seeing them get better too. He's NOT a pill pusher at all. We are all different with what helps us. For me it was a long process of healing but well worth the time it took. Blessings to you.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello jeri, yes in the past, i used to rip them off, very painful i know when they are coming away, i dont have that problem now with lifetyle or diet changes , my nails look good, sorry to hear this though jeri

hope @hope53

i have...i put a bandaid on it until one day it was gone then i bandaided it till the new one grew back...yeah it looks funky in comparision but i just slap nail polish on and keep them all short now...and whilst before i would only use neutral colors like beige and such...i now consider every color to be neutral...right now the 7 good and 3 blah nails are sporting raspberry...its neutral as it goes with everything. Its either go big and ignore it or put on gloves ... go big i say! paint them all including the one you're gonna lose and slap a bandaid on it. Seriously, for us women losing nails especially the first one is a shock to our systems...we are supposed to have great nails, hair, etc. so for us its a serious shock to the system and some sink into a depression over losing nails this way...thats part of our identity...we are raised to have clean beautifully kept hands. But know this...your hands do not define you by their have strong hands that have held babies, helped the elderly, created, soothed, satisfied, fed, loved, aided...everything and everyone...those are your hands...not the color of your nails nor whether you have 10 nails...when it comes off go ahead and give it a proper burial, grieve a bit, then move has more to offer you...just dont go sticking fake nails with glue in its place.!

Jeri @jeri

Thank you! Tried the Vicks -great! I am pescatarian, teach yoga, and have a meditation practice. Tried a biologic - allergic. The hives were incredible on top of P. Am trying another biologic soon.

Jeri @jeri

Well, the Vicks worked for a few days but now it doesn't do anything. The fingers are swollen around the nails so the skin is splitting. Bummer.

susie1866 @susie1866

I have lost many nails, all you can do is wait for them to grow back. :-(

Amber @amber93

IVe ostensibly plenty of nails on hands and feet...I have found one nail technician that doesn't make me feel 'gross' when he's doing my nails. (I do not wear fake nails per my dermatologist because of pitting on the nail beds) but I still like to be pampered on occasion. I do have Psoriatic Arthritis which causes much joint pain in my fingers, toes and all over. In the morning morning I hold my hand s and feet under the hottest water possible to just loosen them up.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello amber, i have both,i made my joints better just by changing my diet, it does help,keep getting inflammation eventually joint damage, it wont get any better i dont think but, it is a choice to change diet /lifestyle a choice for everyone, i wish you well

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Jeri @jeri
Durant, OK, United States

Honestly - I have had this stuff since 1980 after using sunscreen I was allergic to. Now I am old and still itchy, lol, but my life has had some great times in it.

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