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Anyone with psoriasis on their eyelids; do you have a certain product you prefer to use on them? All I've been given by my Dr. is a steroid treatment which is as thin as water and very difficult to not get in my eyes.


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Chelsea @chelsea

Hi Nicole,
Thanks for the response! I'm going to contact my doctor after Christmas and I'll ask him about the product you suggested.
I hope you have a good Christmas!

Alina @ali

shea butter / coconut oil

Rand @rand

Hello! I actually have a lot of psorias on my scalp and inside my ears and I've gotten it lately on my chest area and upper arms. I started getting it on my eyelids but I kept them moisterised all that reaaaaally helped me. I understood that if you treat the problem before it blossoms it really helps. Mine is gone (for now) on the eyelids and I hope for every but who knows.. I also have a little around my nose and the only thing that helps there is also to keep it moistorised. Take care and good luck!

Chelsea @chelsea

I usually use the steroid treatment to calm it down and then try and moisturise regularly to keep it at bay. I find it really difficult to get into a routine with the treatments though😅 I definitely agree with you that treating it before it turns into a problem helps a lot! Thanks!

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