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Has anyone even seen the psoriasis memes? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #ImCrackingUp #HumorAtItsFinest


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hope @hope53

no...go for 26 yo daughter just explained memes to me. now dont get me wrong, I'm intelligent but I'm older and nothing else can really fit in my brain even after house cleaning up there.πŸ˜ƒ

hope @hope53

heck, I'm still in the "ooh, where'd you get those little pics to add to your stuff?" stage.. if i remember, I'm good, if i don't remember i ask again...and again...

tony @warby

As anyone got tattoos or is it advisable not too have them with psorisis

hope @hope53

hi tony,
i have no clue on tats but i know if i get any nick, cut or scrape i end up with psoriasis right ear developed psoriasis shortly after i got a piercing on was painful and took 20 years to finally get the piercing and now Im gonna let it heal over ...every nick or cut i get on my fingers always triggers a flare up there and if i get on my knees to do anything...flare up... i know people that getting tats is fine and others end up with psoriasis in that area...i think its more related to how your immune system responds to injury...mine goes into overdrive apparently...thats all i tome on this one y'all😊

Timo @BlueBassett

Tony: I've always been told it's not advisable to get a tattoo.

Virginia @virginia

I’ve got several tattoos, with no adverse effects on my Psoriasis

Laura @laura89

I have a few tattoos and not effected my psoriasis . But if I have a cut or scrape I do get it in that place. But lucky didn’t effect my tattoos at all

Jack @psoriasisblob

I love the ones with Marmont from GOT who has that lizard skin thing. Apparently the writer based it on leprosy (Telegraph did an article on it), but looks close enough to be P!

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