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Hi. I've had plaque psoriasis for 4 years. I've just finished phototherapy and I was unsuccessful! Got an app with my dermatologist in Dec.


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Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Claire. Sorry to hear about your phototherapy outcome. Hope your dermatologist will sort some good options for you

Claire @cla

Thank you for the welcoming. I don't know if it's just me that this affects, butn once the phototherapy has stopped I am more itchy than ever now. I'm one of these people that needs to scratch and I'll scratch till it bleeds :( my partner says not to itch but easier said than done :/ I can't wait till the 5th Dec to see my dermatologist.
Thanks Paul, I'll give it a try, anything is worth a try once 😁

Claire @cla
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Hi all. I have twin boys and I'm a full time student! I'm on my 2nd year of hnd business law.

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