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Does anyone else feel excited when you find another patch on your body?...sounds weird, but I do...especially when they start connecting with other patches...


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Gail @GiGi

Nooooooooooooo, I am actually wrought with fear and it causes me a great deal of stress actually, which is part of the vicious cycle of this disease, when stress plays a role in it in the first place.

Paul @Kiwi

I can understand that Gail, I've had it since I was 14, so I guess I'm used to it...and I'm a bit strange too!! :)

Deleted account

I have no more or no less than I did about ten years ago, just lighter, thats all.

michael @macconmara

I try and forget it and don't focus on it. Be positive and focus on life,not the illness.

Paul @prenglish

go to the pharmacy and get yourself some Psoriasin, I've been telling a lot of ppl about it, it's working wonders for me

Deleted account

I just laugh at the shapes they make. Right now I have a Mickey Mouse on my leg.

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Paul @Kiwi
Seattle, WA, United States

I have a funny accent!

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