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Just got back from the hospital, my son was injured during gym at school. Broken wrist 😔 I feel like Stress anxiety & life are testing me. My skin is on fire once again, spots appearing on my face, scalp is so tight. Trying to relax my body & mind.


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Paul @Kiwi

Bummer!!...hang in there...hope he heals well and quickly, and your stress drops quickly

Kathryn @katrsssbrown

Oh, I am so sorry to hear.. Deep breaths.. Life with the big P sure is hard

Moya @Glowbo

Hope you’re son is okay and you’ve managed to de stress. Sending good vibes xx

Sarah @sarahuk

Ah MishLyn sometimes it's just a train of stuff arriving in a sequence! There must be a good break coming soon

Michelle @mishlyn

Aww thanks so much everyone. 💖
Dave--I love that saying. I'm writing that one down, Thank you 😊

I'm sorry to hear of your sleepless nights Paul and happy to hear you have found some relief! I will check out our pharmacy and see if I can find it! Thank you!

Thanks Kathryn! I've been trying really hard to pay attention to my breathing. It's amazing how it can affect us!

Thanks for the good vibes Moya, Paul and Sarah! I'm hoping the good break is on the horizon!! 💖💖

Don @don1

hope all goes well....not to worry too much tho....remember the injuries we had when we were kids...(well maybe not..you look alot younger than me)...anywhoo...2 nights tlc...and he will being back on the field playing football and chatting up the girls.

all the best don

Susan @godcares

Oh dear MisLyn... Sorry about your babe. He's going to be alright. You re going to be alright. Chill to some music or whatever tools you have darlin'

john, DARTS VADER @chewbacca

sorry to hear this mishlyn, i do hope things will get better for you in time

Janice @Immy

Oh dear MishLyn, I am convinced that god invented boys just to see how far they can stress their mums. When my son was 11 just two weeks in from starting at the Grammar School he fell out of a conker tree and broke both his wrists, luckily not his neck. One week later I broke out in pustule psoriasis on the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet and 28 years later I am still suffering the consequences. At least he should be able to continue with his schooling, my son was in plaster from his hands to his shoulders with the elbows bent, very hard as he couldn't even feed himself let alone do any thing else, we both had to take a month off work and school until the hospital changed the plasters to his elbows and he could use his fingers and hold a pen. Two years ago he broke one again playing football at the age of 37 and it had to be plated, they never seem to grow up. It took 3 months before the plaster could be removed as at that age their bones are still growing, I must say they do have some cool coloured plasters these days, I hope he manages to heal quickly and you begin to calm down, Hugs to you dear MishLyn and your boy.

Susan @godcares

Janice boys can do that so I've heard. My kids are different. Yes, my boy has had stitches a few times but he is not an adventurer. He is rather cautious and his accidents were fluke. My daughter... Now that's a different story all together... LOL.. That girl takes chances all the time. She broke her bone on the bottom of her foot a few years ago on the balance beam in gymnastics. Recommended to tape it and give it time to heal. No way did she do that! Just kept up her active life and now, just yesterday, she said she thinks she needs to have surgery as per her doctor because she didn't listen. Good Lord! LOL. I am really blessed though as I just never stress about things that I can't do anything about. Gotta love kids.

Jeri @jeri

MishLyn, I am so sorry this has happened to you and to your son. You already know about coconut oil for the tight scalp. Focus on breathing for your anxiety. Slow in and slower out.

colleen @colleen1

Good Morning, How is your son today ?

Michelle @mishlyn

Ohhhh Janice, I can only imagine the worry and stress you were under when your son broke both of his wrists! :( My goodness. It must have been very hard for him and you being in the plaster for three months. :(

Susan--my two boys are opposite as well! Funny how that works out, eh :)

Thanks Jeri for the reminder about breathing. I forget this at times--Its funny because it is usually one of the first bits of advice I give to others when they are distressed--and when I'm in stressful moments--I forget..lol. My husband reminded me the other day as well-=-take healthy breathes he said, lol. :)

He is doing much better today Colleen, thanks for asking! He is going to go back to school tomorrow.
We have made the past few days fun. He loves school and wanted to do home school with me while he was off.
He is 10, so there is still innocence there. I am going to soak it up every chance I get!! lol. We had science class--made silly putty and slime wrote a story together, baking, some fun fall crafts with leaves and wax paper, painting..it was so great. It really has helped my body and soul de-stress after a hectic few weeks.
Thanks again Everyone!! xx

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Michelle @mishlyn
Ontario, Canada

One of my biggest lessons in life and with Psorasis is: ❤when you change the way you look at things...the things you look at change.❤ -Dr Wayne Dyer

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