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Because of my psoriasis I' m ashame to use shorts and sleeveless blouse specially in our country Phillippines everyone is looking at you as if you have a contigeous disease. What will I do.


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Roxanne @roxanne

I wear shorts and t shirts anyway.I refuse to bed hot and uncomfortable to suit other people.

Joann @joann1

Wear them anyway! Life is too short! People can be cruel, believe me I know from having P since childhood, but I went on with my life. Smile at them!❤️

Deleted account

My psoriasis is highly visible. I get asked what 'it' is everyday, and offered so many crazy cures but I still refuse to cover mine. Depending on how yours reacts to the sun, you could make it worse by covering it. Wear what your comfortable in.

Deleted account

Maria, why don't you look upon this as a chance to educate people about Psoriasis? While you enjoy your freedom to keep cool by wearing shorts and sleeveless tops, answer any one who points or asks you about your skin directly with your information on psoriasis while assuring them it's not contagious? I found the older I get, the less I care about what people think, and I enjoy the sun without covering up - if people take offence (but who really does?) it's their problem.

colleen @colleen1

i know the feeling. Even when its very hot I still wear long sleeves

Sarah @sarahuk

Sometimes I've felt like that in the past. But not now. Everyone whose opinion matters to me knows about my p now and since joining Flaym I've accepted it as much more "normal"

Deleted account

Just go for it Maria, what is the worst that can happen?well...halve that and halve it again because it probably won't...
There are some members of the public that are uneducated but mainly, most have seen it, heard about it, Got it even. If they look... just ignore them, hold your head high and get on with life.

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Maria Corazon
Maria Corazon @Azon
Huntington, IN, United States

I'm 68 yrs old living in Huntington In. I have my psoriasis for a long time or I would say since 1978 .

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