Maria Corazon
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Because of my psoriasis I' m ashame to use shorts and sleeveless blouse specially in our country Phillippines everyone is looking at you as if you have a contigeous disease. What will I do.


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Roxanne @roxanne

I wear shorts and t shirts anyway.I refuse to bed hot and uncomfortable to suit other people.

Joann @joann1

Wear them anyway! Life is too short! People can be cruel, believe me I know from having P since childhood, but I went on with my life. Smile at them!❤️

colleen @colleen1

i know the feeling. Even when its very hot I still wear long sleeves

Sarah @sarahuk

Sometimes I've felt like that in the past. But not now. Everyone whose opinion matters to me knows about my p now and since joining Flaym I've accepted it as much more "normal"

Maria Corazon
Maria Corazon @Azon
Huntington, IN, United States

I'm 68 yrs old living in Huntington In. I have my psoriasis for a long time or I would say since 1978 .

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