Kloey (Nuggets)
...feeling okay Kloey (Nuggets) @nuggetsmcr

Itch, coping

So past few days my elbows and knees have been a little bit itchy, bit rough feeling too. Hope p doesnt flare up again! Also my knee joints lock up lately, do you think it could be related to p?


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Susan @godcares

NuggetsMcs most of us who have been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis have had the similar pain. I know I did and was taking tons of medication in the past before I found healing.

Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

Nuggets,,I think you can control depression with diet/

Deleted account

My knee stiffens and is painful when my psoriasis acts up too. So yep, I think it's likely you have a touch of psor arthritis - check with the doc, etc. My sympathies!

 john,darts vader
john,darts vader @chewbacca

hello nuggets,when my psoriatic arthritis came to me , it was like over night and things just got worse,remember psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis are both tied, p gets worse and so can psoriatic arthritis if one has the arthritis aswell, if you do get it worse in time,it is a choice and i dont push it on anyone but, diet changes will help you for sure though i know its a choice , you dont want bad arthritis,changes your life a lot,i wish you well nuggets ,

Lucy @lucy182

I remember being on holiday and my knee both kept locking, honestly thought I’d over done it on the walking front. Sadly then the pain wouldn’t go away and the hospital started looking into it, boo! I was diagnosed with PA. Try and get it looked into as soon as you can and like others have said diet can help to an extent. Xxx

 john,darts vader
john,darts vader @chewbacca

try turmeric nuggets, see if that helps you, capsules or powder form, worth a try ,

Kloey (Nuggets)
Kloey (Nuggets) @nuggetsmcr

Thanks everyone, ill be sure to get in the docs when i can! Got to wait a while as changing homes and stuff at the moment. Luckily already started with diet, ive cut a lot of fizzy pop out as a first step! :)

 john,darts vader
john,darts vader @chewbacca

great nuggets, its a start :)

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Kloey (Nuggets)
Kloey (Nuggets) @nuggetsmcr
Manchester, United Kingdom

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