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I wanted to ask what people do with nail psoriasis. I have it on the skin, psa and nail psoriasis.
My toes hurt all the time because the nails thicken and lift. Really interested in hearing what others do to help.


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello micheal, i do lifestyle or diet change if you will, stops inflammtion to skin and joints,nails , i wish you well thanks

James @ferns

My toenails grow almost folded in half, although they are very soft so cut okay. My big toenails had to be removed a few years back and regret very rough, all pits and craters. As I have a little PA, I found dealing with them awkward, mostly filing them smooth. I bought a really cheap electric tooth brush, cut the bristles off the brush and cut, shaped and glue pieces of nail emory board and use it like a little battery powered sander, makes it so much quicker. I got a little spritzer bottle so I can spray a little water if it gets too hot.

Sarah @sarahuk

My nails on one foot were all like this for a couple of years. I went to a chiropodist once every 3 months to help me maintain them. I was heavily pregnant and couldn't reach the toes! They filled and clipped them, though actually the nails were so chalky they didn't clip as such. They're clear now, have been for a year. A 3 month course of an antifungal medication cleared it right up, even though my other foot never got it and the psoriasis went away when the trace of fungus went away too.

Moya @Glowbo

I wear nail polish. Constantly. Nothing seems to work where my nails are concerned so it’s base coat, two coats of colour and a top coat. Good to go!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

a good angle grinder or disc cutter may do the job with bad toe nails :)

Timo @BlueBassett

I've dealt with the lifting by keeping my toe nails trimmed well and cleaned out under the edge, but I still have pain like you describe where the redness shows through. The only time my nail beds have cleared up is when I am under systemic treatment. Careful not to pry too much, as it can damage the nail bed more. Fortunately, these days I don't have much pitting on the surfaces. But the pain in my toes can be intense at times, especially in bed at night.

Sarah @cottonbud

Hi Michael, I rub a drop of oil (olive oil, tea tree oil, even vegetable oil) on each nail and put a drop under each nail too. Even though my nail psoriasis seems to have gone (migrated elsewhere!) I still put oil on my nails as a maintenance thing. It really helps.

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Michael @michael2614
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I like to joke about most things. Helps with stress etc

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