...feeling frustrated Jacqueline @jholly


4.40am and I'm wide awake because my patch woke me up with furious itching - and I've scratched & gouged it so hard I drew blood. Then MORE itching! I've had to numb it with some ice to get relief! Now surfing the web for a bit :-)

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Susan @godcares

Time here is 8:52 pm and I'm heading off to sleep. Alarm for work goes off at 4:00 am... Gotta love the time difference. Hope you find some great things while surfing. :) Oatmeal in a thin sock, soaked in water apparently helps with the itching.

Chris @Chris70

It can be so frustrating 😑

Julian @Jamz01

I HATE psoriasis 💔

Paul @Paulstevo

Aww bless ya Jacqueline i really feel for you hope it gets better soon.?

Dave @Dave13

Bad news Jacqueline, nightmare when that happens....don't mean literally...😉

john @chewbacca

oh dear, sorry to hear this jacqueline,i am so glad i dont scratch now, only occassionally and its not always psoriasis just a none psoriatic itch like clear skins get,hope the ice worked well?,thanks

Jim @jim1235

Sorry to hear that Jacqueline. That first scratch just brings on more itching. Hope you get some relief soon.

Jacqueline @jholly
Blunsdon Saint Andrew, United Kingdom

Mother, Artist, Survivor. Living with and scratching the itch.

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