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Psoriasis on face is the worst it's been in years. Look like someone's punched me in the face 😔 what's does everyone use for face and neck?


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john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

i have the same problem but from using steriods shane, i am using aloe vera gel and coconut oil or will be on advice take, when i get back to work, my face is flaking red and peeling from years of steriods on my face,do you use steriod creams ? thanks

Shane @shane

Oh really, yeah I use steroid creams from the doctors. Caked it on just to see if helps.
I alternate between moisturisers usually

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

i see shane, best advice, try not to use steriods,my face looks like crap, thats what my misses said to me obviously ,didnt take me for my looks haha :)

Shane @shane

Can't win, ruins my skin yet helps it. Hahah :(

Sarah @sarahuk

Ah Shane. I only have experience facially with plaque p on eyebrows and hairline, not cheeks, nose etc but for me I've used steroids sparingly in the past and find the colloidal oatmeal moisturisers to be the most effective for me!

Shane @shane

Ohhh I've tried aveebk but not actual oatmeal. Will give it a try. Friend suggested oatmeal today at work

Susan @godcares

Shane try not to discard Johns advice. This guy has done tons to get better. Withdrawal from steroid creams is brutal. I really do suggest a diet/lifestyle change, which is how I got healing. John is mixing aloe vera and coconut oil I think and I really hope it works. Might want to give it a try.

Rich @richp

Get it by my nose, use little bit of [...] and clears for a bit..

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Shane @shane
Kidderminster, United Kingdom

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