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My doctor told me I have severe psoriasis and I have to go to the hospital for treatment. The only problem is it could be months before I get seen I'm so sore and itchy I can hardly walk 😭 anyone tell me what can help sooth my private areas please:(


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Afina @afina

I use a supplement that helps me very good ( unless I am in a lot of stress or depression like now 😞 ) The only problem is that it's not cheap :-(

Afina @afina

I wish I could send you some pictures....but I don't know how.....

Jeri @jeri

Oatmeal baths help me, Liss. I take a thin sock, put in about a cup or two of oatmeal and put it in a warm bath. Let it sit there a bit and then squeeze the sock to get out of the milky part of the oatmeal. Soak for about 20 minutes while breathing and relaxing. After, pat yourself dry and follow with your favorite oil or lotion. I throw the sock away, so I have really cheap ones to use for this.

Liss @liss065

What sort of supplements I'm at a point where I will try anything to help?
Any recommendations of lotion cause doctor hasn't given me anything

Jason @Roc71

Been through this a bunch.....coconut oil and plastic wrap work wounders

Liss @liss065

Coconut oil makes my skin itchy 😞

Lorraine @lorraine

try Yiganerjing cream ,you can order it on facebook, it tingles for a few minutes after applying but stops the itch straight away. Brill for all psoriasis loads of people telling their story and how its cleared up, you have nothing to lose I got it and its my forever cream. Good Luck

Julie @jul

I’ve started using diaper cream. It’s keeping the inflammation down and relieving some pain and itching.

Pippa @pippa

Be careful with the Chinese herbal cream as it’s now been proven it does contain steroids! My lower half shall we say is a mess now so definitely has thinned the skin, agony is an understatement ☹️

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