...feeling frustrated Rich @richp


Yep that time of the year, weather changing and patches coming to life, face patch flaring.
anyone else patches come to light when weather change for colder and less sun.?


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Karin @karinm

Yep, could be lack of vitamin D, try D3 supplements. Check on the psoriasis blob (google it, it is a blog from one of our Flaym mates).

Kay @nuggetsmcr

Yes my face has flared up a lot more often now the cold weathers here, i love winter but psoriasis ruins it for me!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

i await and see what winter brings,hopefuly no scales :)

Rich @richp

Karin..already popping vitamin D tablets 😉

Victoria @victori

Not sure but will pay attention to your theory

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Rich @richp
Telford, United Kingdom

Laid back and open minded, Good sense of humour..

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