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maybe this has been discussed before (i've only joined a few days ago)... i know that for some, light therapy is successful. has anyone ever applied simple tanning bed habits for improvement ? with caution and common sense of course... anyone ?


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James @ferns

My doc explained as, two types of UV in sunlight, A and B, A being the biggest percentage. Tanning lamps use A while the type used in psoriasis treatment is B.

Taylor @Taylor

From sheer desperation and after months of debating with myself whether to try a sun bed or not I gave in and did. It did help clear up a few patches pretty well but with others they just came back a few days later. Considering the cost , time and risks I decided it wasn’t worth it. I recently bought my own UV light therapy lamp from amazon and have been using it every 2nd day for the last 2 weeks for and nothing has ever helped clear up my psoriasis as quickly.

Jason @Roc71

I use tanning beds only in moderation....dont stay in too long...and I wear clothes..only focusing on the bad areas exposing them to the tanning bed..

Jason @Roc71

Oh and hello from indiana as well..!!

Lynn @lynnb366

Yes!! My doctor had said to me: I can cure/treat skin cancer faster than I can cure/treat your Psoriasis 😯

Sarah @sarahuk

Lynn that is shocking isn't it!

Ingrid @ingrid1

I live in South Africa - the sun works well. We all need direct exposure to sunlight at least 20 minutes a day - it works a treat for depression, provides vitamen D, as well as the UV light used in PUVA therapy. If you have access to plentyful sunlight, use what God gave us for free.

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NS @scratchy
Indianapolis, IN, United States

I hope that one day - in my lifetime, there is a cure for this disorder.

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