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Good morning from Chicago! What's your best tips on removing chronic scalp (seborrheic dermatitis) build up safely? I recently had to throw in the towel and cut my middle back length hair to about 4 inch length so I can treat it more effectively 😑


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Timo @BlueBassett

Hi Shay. I've that a good Tar based shampoo work very well for the scalp. My scalp was the first place my psoriasis appeared 28 years ago, and I've tried a lot of different things since then. Currently I am using Psoriatrax shampoo. It still has a coal tar smell, but mixed with something that reminds me of tea tree oil and some conditioner, to boot. I'm enduring a big flare of psoriasis right now, angry red plaques over 40% of my body, and my scalp is virtually clear. Hope you find some relief

Shay @shayna

@bluebassett im so sorry to hear of your flare up, they are the worst. I will search Amazon for the shampoo you recommended. I'm sure after 28 years of this you've tried you're fair share of products. I have in these past 15 years and it's really disheartening. I have a handful or two of quarter to dime sized patches on various parts of my body/forehead but experiencing a full blown flare up on my scalp since middle of the summer which finally pushed me over the edge to cut all my hair short.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

good evening from the south of england in the uk, sorry you are insecure shay

Sarah @sarahuk

Great post Shay! Me too, I've had scalp psoriasis for 20 years. I've found a few things recently that really work for me. One is that now a couple of times a week before I wash my hair I put grapeseed oil on the scalp plaques for an hour or two and let it soak in. Then I wash hair as normal (I use standard non-medicated shampoo and conditioner). The other things is that I use Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion on the plaques in between washing hair if it gets prickly or dry. I've been doing these two things for about 3 months and my scalp is the best it has been - not actually sure where the plaques are now! Wishing for the same for you with whatever you try

michael @macconmara

Dear Shay.
sorry you are suffering in your scalp. I had the same problem
and found that Nizoral shampoo and followed by application of
[.....] scalp application worked wonders for curing my scalp. good luck to you. it does get better.

Natalie @natalie77

The best shampoo for that is by far alternating t gel tar shampoo as a daily thing followed by neutralia clear conditioner which is like a gel then elecon scalp solution on a evening after dinner as long as you have 30 mins to remove plaques the next morning for a guy with a small fine comb

Fiona @fiona2

Hi - i find Salcura ( i can never manage to apply it more than once a day) helps with keeping everything soft - preventing cracking and also lifting the plaques, also just leaving my hair to dry naturally rather than blow drying when I can also helps. best wishes.

marcia @marcia1

I too have battled scalp psoriasis for 30+ years, recently found out I'm allergic to several foods;, and since I cut those out of my diet, it has slowly been clearing up! Good luck!

russ1894 @russ1894

hiya Shay. good old eucerin lotion with alphahydroxy, after an evening shower with head and shoulders will literally overnight break up and lift the plaques. i have severe spots on my scalp and it is now not red or itchy or scaly. hope this helps. from the nw side

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