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Hi; I am new to the Group. I have RP and also; just plain psoriasis. Has anyone tried light treatment ? Thank You ! Have a great rest of your day ! Penny


Theme Light Therapy for Psoriasis

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Jason @Roc71

Welcome your in good hands with all of us....light treat works but you need to do it religiously.....all the time benefit and keep at it....depending on your severity...

marcia @marcia1

Light therapy....I haven't tried THAT!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello penny welcome to flaym, some people do get these things and have them in their homes, beware of false light therapy with the skin,like as jason has said,its like you may do it a lot to keep symptoms down which isnt good for you in my opinion,if you have a lot of time on your hands to go and get it done with a hospital and such like as it can take quite a lot of time up with my experience, i last went to light therapy 35 years ago but,couldnt afford to keep taking time off work and didnt make no difference to me and i itched a lot more after sessions so, never bothered since,some people have had good results but, you cant beat natural light from the sun but, in the uk,theres nothing really, it is a choice though, i wish you well

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Penny, welcome to Flaym. I haven't had light treatment but have been recommended it before. The type of therapy proposed to me was very intensive in the number of sessions and frequency of sessions and I wouldn't have been able to attend. There is a feature on Flaym called Themes where you'll find a theme about Light Therapy that you can use to browse posts. Hope this helps!

Penny @penny169

Thank you Sarah !!

John @john37

Yes had light treatment which went on for about three months, it builds up from quick exposure building up exposure over the course of treatment, Cleared my psoriasis but not sure if repeating this treatment is good because it may have the same side effects as tanning. Eventually though the psoriasis came back again

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Penny @penny169
Spanaway, WA, United States

Hi; my name is Penny Clark; and I live with my husband. I am very excited about this group. I have a appt. with my Dermatologist this week. Checking into the light therapy. Will keep everyone updated ! Have a Great weekend !!

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