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Hi, I'm suffering with very bad scaling on my scalp, my hair is also thinning. I also have it bad behind both ears. Any advice?? Thankyou...😊


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Adam @adam5

With the hair use aveno it's something like that and wash your hair with it 2 times a day every day

Ats @atul

Ointment [...] mixed with base cream to be applied to roots,then t gel shampoo ,also coconut oil bath

Zumara @zum

I find that hair dye keeps mine at bay for a week. Then it's organic coconut oil put on overnight and washed off with T-Gel xx

Orlaith @Orlaith

I find that colouring my hair helps too. On that point does T Gel strip the colour from your hair. I need to find a good shampoo that doesn't strip colour. I've been using Philip Kingsley dry itchy scalp shampoo but I think I need a change...

Sarah @sarahuk

Hey Orlaith. When my scalp has been at its worst my dermatologist recommended a scalp blitz of alternating a coconut oil based ointment to soften the plaques with a topical corticosteroid to thin the plaques. Coconut stuff one day, corticosteroid the next. For me this worked very fast. Since that time it is calm and I manage it just using colloidal oatmeal moisturisers (I use Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion on my scalp as for me it soaks in easy and not greasy looking) and I do grapeseed oil soaks on the plaques before washing hair a couple of times a week. Hope everyone's experiences will help!

Marie1 @marie11521

I get psoriasis in my ears it's gard to gear and very painful I also hve frequent ear aches ' I keep my ear dry as much as I can and try to kee o my finger off it

elaine @elaine1971

I do get a fluid running out my ear at night and yes it itchers i use stop itch helps for a while

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