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Hello; my friends ! Just went to the doctor yesterday; about light treatment; have to go into the doctor for a few weeks and then; I can get one for home. I pray; this works !!


Theme Light Therapy for Psoriasis

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Zumara @zum

I've had light treatment twice - kept me clear for a few months and then the crustyitis came back!! Good luck and hope your flakes disappear forever x

Mishlyn @mishlyn

That is great you will be able to bring one home Penny :) Wishing you great luck!!

Penny @penny169
Spanaway, WA, United States

Hi; my name is Penny Clark; and I live with my husband. I am very excited about this group. I have a appt. with my Dermatologist this week. Checking into the light therapy. Will keep everyone updated ! Have a Great weekend !!

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