...feeling sad Bren @bren2722

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Any recommendations that help plaques cool off? Feel hot to the touch :(


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Rains @rains

I put Vaseline in the fridge or freezer and then put some on

Gail @GiGi

Mine too Bren, very hot and inflamed, which results in more severe cracking and peeling. The discomfort is pretty unbearable, but I forge on. I have been crafting all afternoon and it's wreaking havoc on my hands (cutting pine cones in half with tree lopers=hands are trashed) but...I am making some pretty Christmas gifts. I did cover my hands with Coconut Oil and put them inside some gloves for a bit.

Bren @bren2722

I only have it on the top of my hand and those don’t hurt but my arms and legs are covered like 70% so I’m miserable but am hopeful on this diet and moringa hopefully it starts clearing fast ... plus this foot pain that they think it’s myositis I’m thinking if I can get the plaque down the pain will go away fingers crossed ...

Mishlyn @mishlyn

I will put my skin creams/salves in the fridge as well when My skin feels hot to touch. I find it incredibly soothing. I hope you are able to find some relief soon Bren!

Sarah @sarahuk

Great idea about fridging creams. I'll try this! When my plaques are hot I try to keep them out in the air instead of covered, and I just moisturise extra. But cold moisturiser sounds ace

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Bren @bren2722
Yuma, AZ, United States

P since 1998! Excited to have found this group and hopeful to keep on fighting against P with all the support here ❤️

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