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I’ve been eatting fermented foods. It’s help amazingly. After a month I stopped the fermented food and the psoriasis is coming back. Anyone tried fermented food stuff?


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Cherryl @cherryl

No I haven't tried it Michael, but it was recommended to me by a health store assistant. Maybe I'll start with sour crout!

Sarah @cottonbud

I haven't tried it, Michael..yet! Based on what you (and others) have said, it's something I should add to my diet. I drink goat milk kefir every morning and avoid foods known to be inflammatory. It certainly helps my skin 😊

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Michael, that is fantastic that it has worked so well for you! What fermented foods have you been eating?
I have made Kombucha before. I found it was quite helpful. I have read many good things about fermented foods being really great for P. I should make some myself..may start with sour crout as well 😀

Gail @GiGi

Thanks for sharing Michael, I am going to the Health food store today for fermented foods. Love me some good kraut. I was going to try Gluten Free this week too, but I would rather eat fermented than Gluten Free, HA!

Jenny @je2

Hi there
I s this for the itch or arthritis? Ive heard that fermented things are so good

Michael @michael2614

I use fermented food for both skin and the arthritis

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Michael @michael2614
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

I like to joke about most things. Helps with stress etc

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