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Anybody have tips for soft nails and psoriasis on nail bed? My nails are turning to dust, can just be scratched away :(


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Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Beth, I can sympathise. I had a whole foot of psoriatic nails for about 2 years and the nails were like you describe. I think of them as "chalky". I saw a chiropodist every 3 months to keep them maintained as they were impossible for me to "cut", especially as I was pregnant twice during that time with massive baby bumps in the way. I used to apply oil (any kind really, tea tree, grapeseed) to keep the beds moisturised. Then I went on a course of antifungal medication for months and it cleared up completely. Even though there was only a tiny trace of fungus, the psoriasis was triggered from this small trace and went away when the fungus had gone. The other foot remained totally fine the whole time. The mysteries of psoriasis!

Beth @bethika

Thanks Sarah that's a great help. I'll ask the dermatologist when I'm there next week. I can deal with my skin looking unusual but I love my long nails! I'll get some tea tree oil on now :D

Lynne @peachkin

me too. I have tried nail hardener but does not work

Rich @richp

With soft finger nails and that they kept splitting.
My gf out a thin layer of clear gel extension put over top, to strength and give support..

Heather Martin
Heather Martin @heathermartin

Hi Beth even I have this same problem my nails were turning into sawdust and 1st I used to put nail polish but nothing good happened my fingers were looking like zombies now recently I am using dermalmd psoriasis serum and now my nails again started to look like humans, so Beth you can once try out this serum.....

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Beth @bethika
Preston, United Kingdom

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