Mary Lou
...feeling insecure Mary Lou @Danny2023


I am so embarrassed about my skin and now it’s on my hands and that’s hard to cover I have on about 85 percent of my body any suggestions on a way to hide my psoriasis


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

It can be so tough Mary Lou :( so much time in our lives is spend hiding..covering up..brushing away can be exhausting. When my hands were bad I would always wear really long shirts that would cover my hands. Have you ever experimented with dietary changes? So many of us here have had great results with it, including myself.
If you look under diet in the themes section you will find many great tips. Welcome aboard!

exx @exx

So sorry to hear you're struggling with this. I can't really offer any advice for covering your hands....but, try focusing on your own comfort, making your skin as comfortable as possible, however that may work for you. I know how insecure this disease can make you feel, but try not to stress so much about others and what they'll say and focus on urself. sorry i can't be of more help.

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Mary Lou. This feeling of insecurity is so familiar to lots of us on Flaym. You are not alone, you're in the right place to find experiences and tips! Hiding hands is really tough isn't it. Some wear gloves, or apply wraps on the hands over creams...I guess it depends on the season too.

Mary Lou
Mary Lou @Danny2023

Thanks Sarah for the advice!

Mary Lou
Mary Lou @Danny2023

I hate wearing black and I hate flakes!😡😡😡

Kelly @Yellek0179

I go through a ton of bandaids to protect my hands.

Theresa @theresa2

I do too Kelly, and when raw and bleeding I put antibiotic cream on band aids also where surgical gloves when I can

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