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Ladies! Would love some advice on some comfy bra brands, aside from sports bras. My back is covered in spots and everything I have is really uncomfortable. Thank you!


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exx @exx

hey Joni! dunno about brands but i've found that clasping the bra at the losses point helps. apparently a lot of women wear it as tight as possible(me included) and it irritates the skin. I'm sorry, it's not what u were asking but hope it helps.

Kate @kate13

Try a front hook bra

Sarah @sarahuk

Hey Joni, after a first guttate explosion this year I have also moved into this territory! I do loads of exercise and so sports style bras are a fine option for me, but I have also bought a good range of seamless and wireless ones that look like sports bras but are just made in normal fabric (not lycra) from my local supermarkets. They are only around £6 each, but wash easily and are sooo comfy. Bliss! They are even slightly pretty, with lace, not too awful 👌

Susan @godcares

I get mine from LaSenza...

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

how have been susan,its been a few days or more now, i hope all is well with you thanks :)

Ray @Artisan1025

Hi Joni
I checked out your blog. I’m curious to know if you are still using MetaDerm ? I’m thinking about trying it.

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