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Any advice for hair psoriasis?


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Vinay @vinay

I have seen some youtube videos where people have found relief by washing the scalp with diluted apple cider vinegar, vinegar does help in removing dead layers of skin. I have tried it on body and it does work well, for scalp my personal experience has been with olive oil. Its a good idea to soak the hair with warm olive oil and let it absorb for about an hour at least and wash off with mild shampoo. After the hair is washed and dried apply coconut oil to the scalp for keeping it moist. The moisture prevents the plaques from flaking.

All the best, it should work!

Hannah @HannahGM

I don't have any tips but I just want to let you know that you're not alone xx I have it in my hair mostly x I use the T-Gel shampoo but it has a limited effect on my hair

Peggy @peggy

Tarsum shampoo is good but a little pricey!! Dermatologists told me to get it off line!! I did and it works well you can leave it on your head for 2 hours and then shampoo it out!!

Maggie @maggie

my nephew had hair psoriasis, has been on gluten-free diet and has not had a problem since. he's been on this diet for 15-20 years.

Zuzana @Zuzanex

T-gel make it better but doesn't make it disappear. My scalp is full of psoriasis and corticoids treatment is not good for me because I am long term psoriatic. My psoriasis reacts very well for phototherapy, but this therapy is not effective for scalp treatment because the sun can not reach the scalp properly. Especially if you have long hair as me...
The best treatment for scalp is Laser therapy. It's quite new treatment, maybe not easy to find in your town. But you can always try to search Psoriasis Laser treatment in your region.

Vinay @vinay

But does laser therapy have any known side effects?

Zuzana @Zuzanex

Laser therapy is another type of phototherapy so there is need to watch the amount of lighting you getting. Otherwise, there is some risk of skin cancer. A laser is used only on parts of your body which are affected by psoriasis so it's less damaging than phototherapy. But you don't have to worry about skin cancer from phototherapy if the treatment is under medical supervision.
Another side effect is a bonus effect. This laser is used also for growing hair. So I got plenty new hair started growing :o)
My scalp was full of psoriasis for last 15 years and laser is the only treatment which makes me completely free of it... at least for some time, before it starts to come back again.

allison @allison108

I have stopped using polytar on my head as I thought the product made it worse x

Amy Lyons
Amy Lyons @amylyons

just try and keep it moisturised as much, I find it helps reduce the itching. If anyone has any natural remedies could you let me know? Thanks

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