...feeling relieved irv @irv


just a little post,had light therapy on my p earlyier this year worked pretty good bits coming back,bot not to bad.


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Ade @ade

Light therapy never really did it for me , but natural sunlight yes.

Rich @richp

Had it twice over the years, always worked well

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Irv! Great to see you're sharing experiences. How many months did it take you to see any recurrence out of interest?

irv @irv

had treatment beginning of this year ,all over.30 odd sessions,worked well apart from bottom of legs,they were first to show p again back in august,but not much left lower arm also showed p at same time but rest of me not to bad hardly any returned elsewhere keep fingers crossed.

irv @irv
Rowley Regis, United Kingdom

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