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Finally going to see and orthopedic surgeon about my foot pain.. hopefully I can get something for the ache and swelling.


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Susan @godcares

Good for you. I wonder what it is? Do you think it's arthritis? Maybe you need orthotics? I sure hope they get you some help Bren. Blessings to you.

Bren @bren2722

I don’t know how arthritis gets diagnosed Susan.. can they tell by MRI? When I walk I feel like I have a lump under the ball of my foot I believe that’s where the mri shows fluid.. and on the side of my foot the bone are hurts when I press... maybe it’s arthritis I dunno but I need answers :/ thank you Susan blessings to you too :)

Jim @jim1235

Good luck with that Bren. Keep us informed how your doing.

Bren @bren2722

I will Jim thank you :)

Rose58 @rose58

I have PsA in my feet, for me I get burning at times and pain.... Rhuemy just prescribed a cream that is thankfully helping. I was at the point I could barely walk ☹️

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hope so to bren, i diagnosed myself with athritis before the doctor confirmed it because i had many joints involved in aching and pain,cracking and clunking, i am glad thats its not like that now for me , hope they can help you ,keep us updated thanks

Susan @godcares

Bren my diagnosis was years ago. I was injected with some sort of radioactice dye and then this machine did some sort of slow motion thing over my body. I could see on the screen, like on tv, these different colors show up, Reb, blue, green, yellow. The red was horrible on my feet. Then there was red on my knees, hips, hand and quite bad in my neck. I didn't really know what I was looking at but when I did my followup they were very surprised how well I coped with such bad arthritis everywhere. Just glad I did the diet changes early enough or quite possibly I would have things fused by now. Yikes. Hope your's is not as serious darlin. You are in my prayers.

Angela72 @angela72

I went to see my GP and he dismissed the symptons, went back and now seeing a biomechanical surgeon, as my left foot is burning, sore and doesn't move correctly, this is all since I was diagnosed with pustular psoriasis, all the pain relievers is co-codamol

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Bren @bren2722
Yuma, AZ, United States

P since 1998! Excited to have found this group and hopeful to keep on fighting against P with all the support here ❤️

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