...feeling frustrated Emma @emma1814


Been in bed for 4 hours why does this damm p have to get insanely itchy and prickly at??? Only have 5 hours till the alarm goes off 🙈


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Aww Emma..I'm sorry to hear that. Those nights are no fun :( I tried an antihistamine for the first time last week..when my itch was incredible..it really helped! Have you ever tried them before?

Mishlyn @mishlyn

I hope you were able to get some sleep!! x

Emma @emma1814

I was still awake at 3... and my alarms just gone off. Long day ahead. I’ve got antihistamine the doctor game but doesn’t really help x

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Emma. Yeowchh that itch is the worst. So distracting. I find that using oil soaks on the skin is really helpful for me - I use grapeseed. Others use coconut, olive, almond...all sorts!

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Sarah, I am going to buy some grapeseed oil tomorrow to experiment with :) Thanks for your suggestions of it!!

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