...feeling sad Emma @emma1814


Sorry all but negativity tonight 2 nights no sleeps feel like a wreck very emotional and so sore tonight don’t know what to do... husband doesn’t know what to say except go to doctors for more cream... feel wrecked 🙈☹️


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Susan @godcares

Don't be hard on yourself Emma. Heck, when you are sleep deprived, in pain... Well all kinds of feelings come out. We are all like that I would guess. I make sure to get 8 hours of sleep or I can be funny too. Not everyone is like that but I have found this to be sufficient for me. 7 hours is ok too. I really encourage you to look at the diet things some of us post. I am without pain and medication now for a very long time.

Emma @emma1814

Not sure where to start with my diet any advise would be good as i say this has happened so quickly and don’t know what to do x

Susan @godcares

Emma my suggestion is to start with cutting out all sugar. Hard to do as most processed food has sugar. Cut out bread, gluten or not, completely. Gluten free is processed. Limit your fruit intake as it is loaded with sugar. Cut out pasta and potatoes as they turn to sugar. My point is that sugar is a poison for most people, but for us who have autoimmune diseases it's terrible. When you have been free of it for a while you will look at a dessert differently. When I look at dessert I literally know that I am ingesting poison... That's me though. Remember that it took you time to get sick, so it will take time to get better. Maybe Christmas time is not the best time to start, but you have to make the choice. I always say no time like the present. Blessings to you always.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello emma,yesdiet or lifestyle changes will help in the long term and you may notice the itch wont be as much in time, 2 to 3 litres of bottled or filtered water a day will help a lot, its what i do ,eat lots of fresh veggies (not potatoes) everyday, i do raw and cooked,12 to 14 portions of veg a day with either chicken or fresh fish,not shell fish,processed meats,pork,beef are not good,packet items,jars,tin foods are bad as they have additives and stabilisers,caffeine is bad and i cut out all dairy .wheat and gluten,all sauces including mayo,ketchups,gravys and no to dressings,virgin olive oil is great aswell as olives,sweets,cakes etc are loaded with sugar and other rubbish,citrus fruits are bad and i have been affected by grapes not long ago,i have melon,necterines,peaches,pears and bananas though these have sugar so, i try to limit it,salads are good with some raw veg thrown in diced up, i have no tomatoes,alcahol can be a trigger,smoking,sweetners are very bad too,i gradually cut a lot of stuff out gradually over a 2 month period as itwas easier to do that though,i didgo cold turkey with sugar but, can make you feel rough so its best to cut it down gradually in my opinion,it is a choice though to make changes i wish you well

Sarah @sarahuk

Sleep deprivation is just the worst, bring every emotion out and enhances the dread. Try to see it for what it is, remind yourself that some of those feelings are not your reality, it is your knackeredness taking over. In periods of insomnia, I try to exercise more to make me physically tired, and I try to strengthen my bedtime routine to trigger the sleep process. No screens before bed, hot non-caffeinated drink, cool room, maybe a banana before bed too (full of trytophan, advice from my GP once upon a time!) Do this every day for a while and your brain will know the pattern. If I lie awake, I try to tell myself that I will cope with my day tomorrow no matter how tired I am. This has helped me massively from "mum-somnia" when my children were first born. Just think how strong you are coping with all this! You got this 💪

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