...feeling sad Emma @emma1814


I feel like I’m being really negative at the mo but I’m so glad I found this group so I can be negative and fine support and ‘normal’ people I think don’t get it! Whoever found this group thankyou and I’m glad I found it x


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Not to worry Emma :) You are being human. It can be so hard to get out of a negative spiral at times. So glad you found us here. This flaymily of ours has really helped me so much with tips and support. We are here for one another and that is such a beautiful thing :) Have you tried coconut oil as a moisturizer?

Sarah @sarahuk

Hey Emma, vent away! Our Flaym friends will try to turn that frown upside down, with compassion and understanding 💜 Hope is out there...

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