...feeling okay Emma @emma1814


Hey how’s everyone’s weekend going?


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Chris @Chris70

No scratching , lots of moisturising but took my boys to see justice league so all is good how is yours Emma ?

Susan @godcares

Hi Emma... Mine is pretty uneventful. Visited a few times with my kids, friends, walking alot with my dog... Same old. LOL. Hope your weekend is great!

Sarah @sarahuk

Hey Emma, pretty good thanks! Trying to avoid the weekend triggers. Coffee, lunch out, swimming baths etc... all the stuff of weekends for others and stuff I try to avoid! Hehe

Chris @chris1971

Pretty good, thanks for asking.

James @ferns

Supremely lazy and supremely enjoyable.

Susan @godcares

James today is a lazy day to for me. However, I am doing laundry. Probably the only chore I'll do today.

Don @don1

good...having a guest over we haven't had in for a very long time.
a close family relative...he doesn't have much.
This I hope will lift his spirits....pay it forward.
but in afraid our guest had worn out his welcome a number of years back.....


James @ferns

Susan, I work more weekends than I get off, so when I do I plan ahead, chores, grocery shopping etc, all done on the Saturday. On the Sunday I get up late and Potter around in my jammies. Nice breakfast, watch some tv, read or listen to Radio 4. I'll grab a shower in the afternoon then take a walk, I live in the country so plenty places to go. A sofa nap when I get home then my main meal. I enjoy cooking so not really a chore. Then more reading or tv till bed time. A very restful day.

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