...feeling happy Nan195 @lynnie


Hi Everyone,
Hope your weekend was good and you’re ready for a new week ahead.
Still P free, no flare up again and the two little patches have changed color from reddish to my normal skin color.
Thank you John and Sudan and everyone else too ❀️🌹


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Nan195 @lynnie

That should be Susan..sorry Susan πŸ˜€πŸŒΉ

Chris @Chris70

Nan good to hear that I have cornflakes on my upper arms but hey ho

Nan195 @lynnie

Sorry Chris, get better soon 🌹

Chris @Chris70

Not bothered tbh is what it is,if I flap or worry will not change it so I don't . You seem a positive person which is half the battle

Susan @godcares

Nan you Rock. I'm really happy for you. Your attitude and positive thinking just shine through on this page. You have blessed me many times with your comments. That Rooiboos tea seems to keep you in the moment. LOL. Just kidding. You seem by nature to have a very loving Spirit. Thank you.

Nan195 @lynnie

Thank You Susan, we are kindred spirits 😊😊🌹


 john,Flakes to beam up
john,Flakes to beam up @chewbacca

thank you nan,glad it better for you :) great news and thank you :)

Michelle @mishlyn

Wonderful to hear Nan! πŸ’œπŸ’œ Your light shines so bright, thanks for sharing with us all! 😊

Nan195 @lynnie

Hi Christine, John sent me his Diet and I followed Susan’s Positive Thinking Lifestyle,
Both have done me good.
My P has cleared and seems to be sleeping πŸ‘πŸ»
Both John and Susan will be happy to share everything with you and support you too.
Make up your mind to heal and stick to it...all the very best 🌹

Janice @Immy

Love your warmth and sparkle Nan, enjoy your week.

Nan195 @lynnie

Thank You for the compliments, it’s appreciated.
I try to see the positive in most things.
Tolerance is my key to being happy every day.
To be a part of this family is special and a privilege...Thank You all 😊❀️🌹

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Nan195 @lynnie
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

I wake up happy every morning just grateful to be alive for another day with the ones I love, the blue skies and sunshine and a day to enjoy doing the things I like so much xo

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