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Thanks Flaym. I have not being very good to the body I was given. I have ignored my psoriasis when I just had small patches, but the patches continue to get larger and are spreading. I am here to learn, share, and help others if I can


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Mike @insitegm

Thanks Jacqueline, Visited my parents last week and didn't have any alcohol for 4 days, thought I was on a roll....Seattle airport, delayed flight and football were reason enough for a few beers. Will keep working!

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Mike. Glad you found us! Learning, sharing, helping, all in the Flaym ethos - you'll fit right in!

Nan195 @lynnie

Welcome to our P Family Mike 🌹

Michelle @michelle1021

Have to say, alcohol is a trigger to P, but I love my wine and up to now, it has not flared up since I changed from Brandy to wine. I keep it moderate. I love the outdoors and the sun is also good for psoriasis.

Ruben @ruben

Welcome to the Flaymily!
My biggest trigger that's left (already eliminated some things) is refined sugar... That will flare me up quick...

Maureen @maureen77

Welcome Mike I've been on a wheat and dairy free diet can't drink alcohol (one exception champagne) also taking probiotics and othe supplements but the results are dramatic ! Its boring but worth it I'm only seven weeks in and have watched my skin reduce from chronic plaque on knees and elbows turn into a few tiny spots . Seen a scar I have on my knee for the fist time in years ! I had allergy test and have many intolerances not just foods but can honestly say it's working for me after many many years in the pharmaceutical system the results are the best I've seen in the 47 years I've had psoriasis 😀 it can't hurt to try!

Sarah @sarahuk

That's so amazing Maureen. What probiotics and supplements are you taking? And what kind of intolerance testing did you go for? Just interested. I'm on wheat and dairy (amongst other stuff) free diet too.

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Mike @insitegm
Concord, CA, United States

Proud father of six, five girls. Found this group and hope to help others while getting a better understanding of my immune system and what I can do to to stop the spreading of my psoriasis

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