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I have a very bad vitamin D deficiency and I really think that it plays a huge part in the problems I have with psoriasis. Does anyone else have the same/similar problems and think that it causes their psoriasis too?


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Maggie @maggie

I was getting B12 shots monthly. When it came due for December I had to cancell because I was sick. I had a flare up. It never occurred to me that it might be connected to psoriasis. I am scheduled for a shot on 1/10/17. I'll keep an eye on it.

Reggie @RegMan

I absolutely think vitamin D plays a part in psoriasis! Just make sure you get your vitamin D from natural sources...

leemarie @leemarie

I actually read a study that showed a link between vitamin D deficiency and psoriasis. I have added vitamin D to my vitamin supplements, I also use a topical vitamin D cream prescribed by my dermatologist, which helps but is a huge pain to apply to every single patch. Ask you doctor how much vitamin D you should take especially because your deficient. It's critical for your bones and your immune system, and it could possibly help your psoriasis!

Maggie @maggie

Thank you for your info regarding vitamin D. I see my dr. in 2 weeks i'll ask her about it.

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