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Hello everyone..I recently was dx with psoriasis..Going to light therapy to start...Being a nurse does not help the fear of what is going on..Today my face is red,itchy, skin is so sensitive..Does allergy testing help?


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Brian @brian

Good luck with your light therapy treatments. I’ve had psoriasis for 20plus year and never had much luck with phototherapy. Please keep us posted with your progress

Dex @Dex

Hey Pegge!
From not only my medical studies but through my personal experience I have realized that psoriasis can be caused by an unbalanced microbiome among many other factor's.
I truly believe the battle within is much more important than the battle from the outside, but both are important!
I do recommend food allergy testing among looking into as much information you can get your hands on! I would recommend a good quick read is the blood type diets!
Each of us are our own unique being so each of our battles will be different! Luckily you are catching this on the early sides and know thing's will be turning around for you soon!

Cherryl @cherryl

Hi pegge, welcome to flaym. I have been tested for food intolerances and by eliminating the foods I'm intolerant to, my p and general health improved vastly. I recommend finding out what your body does not like and then you have the knowledge to make a difference. Supplements are also beneficial. I have had better results through diet and supplements than I ever had with steroids.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Pegge, welcome to Flaym. Hope your light therapy will help! I've recently been on a waiting list for light therapy but actually it took so long to begin (I was waiting 7 months) the guttate psoriasis has actually cleared up in that time! The irony... But I made a few changes to diet and think that really helped. I cut out nightshades, and limited gluten, sugar and dairy to a minimum. I've never had an allergy test but think that quite a few p triggers may not show on an allergy test. But I would like to see a dietician, that is my next move.

Pegge @pegge

Thank you Brian..after light therapy I look like a paint pony..blistered skin and thousands of red spots..I have contacted a friend that is a compound pharmacist..he is recommending a treatment..I will let you know how it goes..God Bless you for dealing with this crap all those years..really did not know I had it until had about 140 stings by yellow jackets a few months ago..the toxicity they delivered wrecked my system..Stay in touch..Healing and health!!

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