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Hi everyone. My name is Brian and I just found/joined the site this evening. Seems like a great community with a wealth of information and support.

I wanted to post a quick message to introduce myself.


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Welcome Brian! It sure is a great community! Great to see you here 😀 I hope you are well!

Brian @brian

Thank you for the welcome 😀

Susan @godcares

Hi Brian. Welcome to the site. You are going to have a great time here. Relax and enjoy. We chat about all things that work with psoriasis, but are not at all limited to that. We share about our good and bad days, experiences, funny stories, jokes, plans, encourage each other, bless each other... Best thin I ever did was join this site. You will learn alot about diet and lifestyle changes too. Blessings to you and have a super day! BTW I live in Vernon, BC Canada.

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym Brian! Glad you found us and joined. So much info on here! Has really helped me in the past 7 months. Not sure what I ever did without it now!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello and welcome to flaym brian,:) a lot of us are okay but,there are many that are kind of flakey here :)

Cherryl @cherryl

Hello Brian, I've not long been a member and this site is definitely helping me 👍

Kate @kate13sophie

Hi Brian, this is a good site to find info. I've learnt a lot from reading other people's stories.

Ray @Artisan1025

Hi Brian
Good to see you
All the best

Shawn @EatOrganic

Hi Brian - Glad you found the community - you are correct - lots of great info and everyone is quite generous in sharing what works and what doesn’t - there are many of us that have changed our diet and had improvements - feel free to ask questions and read through old posts - good luck in your journey!

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Brian @brian
Pittsburgh, PA, United States

I spent far too many years letting psoriasis control my life. That ended a few years ago and I’m so much happier now.

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