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What is your best-kept psoriasis secret?


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Nan195 @lynnie

No secret around Psoriasis with me.
I would like Will21 to explain about Auto Immune being s scam.
Thanks Flaym 🌹

Phil @padavis

Not giving a piss as to what people think and wear what I want

Susan @godcares

Not a secret because I share it alot. DO NOT GIVE YOU POWER OF SELF WORTH, ON A SILVER PLATTER, TO ANYONE! YOU ARE MORE THAN PSORIASIS. Like Phil... Don't give a rats ass what people think of your skin your you as a person. :)

Ats @atul

T gel,[...],gym,music,limewater,cetraban,flashy car without heating,avoiding alcohol & bread & pickle.

Lukas Petraitis
Lukas Petraitis @lukaspetraitis

My bigest secret is that im allways thinking about making food for my friends, becuase its fun , and im afraid to tell them if they inhale some of the smells im hiding in my little world =D becuase its a secret

john,Hulk @chewbacca

i carry a lizard in my underpants, i dont tell anyone about that but here :)

James @ferns

Like others, no secret. I have it, I deal with it if they don't like it they can get lost. Re no one claiming prizes, I don't see that as down to auto immune being fake, I see it as being down to big pharma having no interest in researching cures. A cured person is no longer a revenue stream. Tick over treatments is where the big bucks lay. Until big pharma ceases to be a for profit industry things will not improve.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

as i have said before,if a majority in the world had psoriasis they would be working hard like they do with cancer,cancer research is advertised all the time because a a hell of a lot of people get it ,i am not knocking it as cancer is ugly for anyone but, a skin condition as its put will not be treated as important for a cure,i was told it would be gone from me when i hit 30 ,4 years later from that arthritis said hello,there wont be a cure while i am alive and thats certain to me,just live the best you can and thats it and make changes or manage to improve yourself :)

Sarah @sarahuk

My psoriasis secret is that when my ears were really bad and the skin was very brittle, I used to peel it and see how big the peeled patches could get! Totally grim really, I'm not proud! 😕 But thankfully that couldn't happen now even if I tried. I am grateful!

Lukas Petraitis
Lukas Petraitis @lukaspetraitis

About the cure... alot of people say, that cure is a philosophical, that you need equilibrium (or something) in your life, if you get it =] sometimes, im finding little peaces of me in my bed, and blaming all world again, that doctors and researchers not working propperly, smoking cigars and spending money on vilas, basicaly dont give a dam about us... but then i thought, maybe i need to buy micro vacum cleaner, thats solves alot more problems , than beeing mad on everyone... i heard a story, that there is a guy, who fucking loves coffe, and drinking buckets of arabika, and smoking cigaretes... after all hes too one of people who lives with PR , but not a single spot on his boddy , only red face , whitch he cures with coconut oil and thats it... i thought, dam, why is it not happened for me ? Why my skin is damaged after 2 bears , and hes a freaking olimpik smoker and lives beter than me ? But blaming everyone makes it even worse... its even bad for your PR =D i know , that talking positive is making people think: "you dont know, whats happened to me, so you cant tell me how to live, cuz we all are unique" , but im still fighting to surface, where positive life and expensive but good cure is hiding =]

James @ferns

You're not alone Sarah, I used to do that with the plaque on my chest. I once got a single piece off the size of a twenty pound note. Couldn't do that now though. Maybe me getting older but the "quality" has changed and it comes off in much smaller chips now.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello will21, yes i know psa is very popular , i found that out when i came here last winter and i thought i maybe the only one with it sort of thing,most people think of the skin condition and not that there is a lot of other uglys with it i know ,cancer is very bad, i hope i never have to go through all that thanks :)

Nicola @Nicky

No secrets at all, it shows by flakes falling around, and they do not look like dandruff as the pieces are larger.

Lucy @lucy182

No secrets. Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis is part of me leaving scales here, there and everywhere I go is just how it is. It’s not pleasant and it’s not pretty but this is me and if people don’t like it, their loss. I’m just gonna keep on keeping on. ❤️

john,Hulk @chewbacca

so true james,money to be made out of peoples misery as sad as it is,why hurry in trying to find a cure ,big business indeed ,the big guys sits back in their mansion,driving their porche 911 or better with sunny holidays in great locations sipping on pina coladas,plenty of money to be made from sick people

Shar @Sharon7473

I don't talk about my psoriasis on my genitals. Not often and usually one spot at a time but sooooo painful!

Julie @julie8888

I don't want to go to gynecologist on Thursday and show a new Dr. I hate that so much explaining my medical history, it's so distressing.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello shar, i never have talked about my psoriasis on my lizard,only here as a lot of us get it there and yes can be painful indeed

Timo @BlueBassett

Will 21. I agree 100%, western medicine is about treating symptoms, not the cause. They don't even teach doctors about looking for a cure, just how to treat symptoms. I watched an interesting show on fasting, recently. Russian research from the Cold War days. They have results and records of people curing everything from asthma to bronchitis to diabetes, arthritis and yes, psoriasis. Something to due with ridding the body of all the inhibitors we build up. Kind of a reset function.

Susan @godcares

Tim I always like the word "reset"... I think we are lucky now as we have so much information that is easily accessible either on the internet or our libraries as Sarah is doing research now too and, knowing her, she will share the knowledge with her Flaym family. The thing is, most autoimmune diseases ARE curable. Not sure why we/some, not me, continue to say it is an uncureable disease. The cleanse I have been sending to many people is basically a reset button on the body. Yes, it's boring. But you really have nothing to lose. Fasting is a great thing to do as well. Not just fasting with food either. Fasting can be not watching the negative news for a week or a month, fasting off movies, fasting off crap food, tv, social media... Fasting is basically stopping and going without something that you think is important to you or that you like. It is a great way to build character and discipline. Last thing I fasted from was movies... I did one week and substituted movies with walking and reading... Believe me, I LOVE my movie at night. LOL

Polyp @polyp

I can't put psoriasis and secret together without a negative. We have to share anything that might help xx

Ajit @ajit

General ignorance and lack of public awareness leading to secrecy...i would reather hide my p than face the world with an "I dont give a shit" attitude, cause somewhere inside me, the hurt and neglect stays subdued.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

I think the biggest secret I have had with P is, the amount of pain it can bring. During my roughest periods I would do my best to carry on..on the outside..while on the inside..complete agony.

Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

The latest cream I was interduced to by my nurse is the "Egyptian Magic Cream" you can order on-line and its very healing she said, her client who had a very bad break-out has cleard up nicely with this cream---my dermatologist gave me a sample of Aveeno Balm itch cream and its also good--I find.

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