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I hurt all the time...I look at it like so do most people my!


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Shar @Sharon7473

My docs are very upbeat and specialize. Good for you for dropping him/her. Both have conferred with each other and I can ask them anything embarrassing or silly. LOL

Susan @godcares

Shar I so hope that you will check out the diet changes some of us have made. God knows, I totally understand. I am now drug free, ointment free and pretty much free of any symptoms from all my autoimmune diseases. Mind/body/spirit all work together. I am very disciplined now about what I eat, think and do. If you are interested in the cleanse/reboot diet I have sent to many people on Flaym private message me. It's really boring and you can't cheat at all or you are wasting your time. When and if you are ready after Christmas, let me know. Blessings to you.

Shar @Sharon7473
Kalispell, MT, United States

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