...feeling sad Andy @andy3


Hi all, I’m 21 and newly diagnosed with psoriasis and struggling to deal mentally and physically... what would you want your past selves to know about this disease? Does it come and go? 😭😔


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Savannah @sav21

Coconut oil is the best thing to try! For me it stops it hurting for a while

Dex @Dex

Hey Andy!
Either it can go to remission or it can get wild.
Keep in mind psoriasis is an autoimmune disease so it’s something happens inside of your body that is registering your body to attacking itself.
Microbiome diet is huge not only healthy living, but helping naturally overcome psoriasis!

Muir @muirire

I'm 20 Andy, got my first flare when I was 19 and it recently came back. I can totally relate to how your feeling. Just try not to lose hope it will get better! Don't let it stop from doing things you love, rest when you need to. Prioritise.

Susan @godcares

Welcome to the site Andy... I was diagnosed at age 7. Over the next few decades got many other diagnosis's of other autoimmune diseases. I am now healed and don't take or use anything. What would I want my past self to know?? Do not believe ever that autoimmune diseases can't be healed. Speak goodness about yourself and keep your thoughts about yourself positive. I am now 56 and would never speak that I am in remission. If I did that then I would believe that my autoimmune conditions might come back. Not my style.

Anita @anita1985

Hi welcome to the group. I'm here if you want to talk. I have psoriatic arthritis

Carol @carol724

I would tell my past self...I cannot control it, but I can try. It's a non stop battle.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Andy, welcome to Flaym. You are the age of the number of years I've had psoriasis now! 21 years. If I could speak to myself I would say that psoriasis is a lifelong thing that can be managed with understanding and knowledge. If I'd known as much about the condition as I do now, I could have started managing it more effectively at a younger age! I think you've started this already by joining Flaym. Knowledge is power 👊

Andy @andy3

Thank you all for the responses. Really helpful knowing other people do exist with this as selfish as that sounds 😅

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Andy @andy3

Completely new to this... honestly just looking for some advice and support from people who understand

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