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Just curious as to how your psoriasis has reacted to any tattoos and/or piercings you have?


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

i had my ears pierced years ago, i have 3 holes in my ears,2 on one side and another on the other at the top of my ridge of the ear and i did mine myself aswell as my tattoo of a cross,dosnt keep evilness away though,i didnt have a problem with these :)

Susan @godcares

Brian I have many piercing on my ears and my bellybutton. No issues. I know many on this site have tattoos without issues too. That's next on this 56 year old momma. A tattoo is next on the list.

Melissa @melissa812018

My tattos start to break out in small patches but eventually heals up. My belly button piercing was ok at first but then got attacked and eventually was so bad it thinned my skin at the piercing and deaded my skin where it broke and now its not pierced anymore...hard to explain.

Brian @brian

Melissa - I have two tattoos and three piercings. I have luckily not had any issues with them yet. I’m sorry to hear about you tattoos and piercings.

Susan - what are you going to get tattooed?

Susan @godcares

Brian I have a few that I have been looking at and I'm going to get it below my bikini line where I can see it. Maybe a friend too. LOL It's more for Susan!

Brian @brian

One of mine is down in that area too. I’ve thought about getting a second one down there too. Yes, TMI

Sarah @sarahuk

I've had some piercings that have been fine and some that haven't, not sure if it's to do with immune system stuff or not! I have never had problems with any piercings I've done myself weirdly, although I wouldn't advocate that! Nor would my mother 😆 I have 3 sets of ear piercings in each ear that are fine. I had a nose piercing that never really healed (although it got knocked in mosh pits a lot). I had a couple of ear piercings in the upper ear done professionally that never really took. Hit and miss!

Susan @godcares

Sarah I had the cartilage pierced on one side that took a hell of a long time to heal. That's because it got aggravated by sleeping on my side. Glad I kept it in though because I love that piercing. Love my belly button piercing, although it would be nice if I had a super flat belly... LOL.

Ed @Mister

I have had a tattoo for over twenty years and psoriasis hasn't effected at all however I had it before psoriasis so I might have concerns about getting at tattoo after psoriasis because of skin scarring etc.

Fay @fay

I want to get a tattoo and this information has me more confident to go a look into it. No Psoriasis in the area I want the tattoo :D

Alexandra @bowiealex

One of my tattoos caused psoriasis
I did not have psoriasis before this particular tattoo
So shit!

Sarah @sarahuk

I think sometimes they react and sometimes they don't, it seems really random! And so you never know whether to go for it or not... Hope it will settle down for you Alexandra...

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I spent far too many years letting psoriasis control my life. That ended a few years ago and I’m so much happier now.

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