...feeling okay Jimmy @jimmy82


Been on here for about a hour and already feeling a bit more positive and getting a lot of much needed info


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Sarah @sarahuk

That's really great you're finding useful info here in the Flaym community! Keep posting...

Lauren @elledough

Welcome, Jimmy! I only discovered this site a few months ago but I find it comforting to know I’m not alone and other people are going through the same thing as I am.

Susan @godcares

Jimmy welcome to the site. You are going to love it! Lots of tips and lots of funny life things too. We have become quite the family. Blessings to you.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

welcome to flaym jimmy :)

Joan @joan17

Agree Jimmy, I feel amongst friend after only a couple of days joining.

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Jimmy @jimmy82
Edgewater, NJ, United States

Its not easy but only i can relate. Not sure what's worse having psoriasis or being an amputee... 😒

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