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I’m so frustrated! My dermatologist said they can’t do anything to help my nails and toenails. There must be something I can do??!


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Carol @carol724

I use tea tree oil with olive oil mix. Takes ages, but brings my nails back to what they should be eventually. And keep your nails very short.

Lauren @elledough

Carol, do you soak your nails or just apply some to the nail? How long did it take to get your nails back? I have just one toenail that is affected, I’m wondering if with time the biologic I’m on will take care of it.

Cherryl @cherryl

Hi Briana, I have a problem toenail and have applied [...] to the affected area which seems to be working well. Alternatively, a homeopathic remedy is to apply apple cider vinegar with the mother to the nail.

Dee @dee1968

I am using a mix of coconut oils oregano and tea tree oil.

Sharon @sharon7489

I have used the steroid ointment once a day on the cuticle and about a quarter of the way up each toe applied at night. I have found a marked improvement with new nail growth coming through clean and clear

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Briana @bc
Santa Monica, CA, United States

Have had psoriasis for over 11 years and it SUCKS!! My pug helps make everything better though.

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