...feeling angry MartinH @martinh


Morning All.I am 53 now. I am single and lonely. The worst is that i know i will be alone for the rst of my life, due to this disease. No one will want a freak like me. No one wants to wake up next to a man that bleeds due to scratchin. So be it!


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Carol @carol724

Never give up. You don't know what is around the corner.

Nan195 @lynnie

Hi MartinH, don’t be angry or lonely because you’re single and have P.
Be grateful for everything you have, do all the things that make you happy and get on with living a good life.
Be happy and positive no matter what, look after yourself well and the right woman will walk into your life unexpectedly, prepare for that.
Everyone one of us is talented and beautiful
in different ways.
Take care and get better soon 🌹

MartinH @martinh

Good Morning from Sunny South Africa!!
Hope everyone is well? I slept most of this week end. Helped with the splitting skin and pain. But feeling a bit more positive today!!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

thats great martin :) good morning :)

Nan195 @lynnie

It is indeed Sunny today in our beautiful SA, the trees are green and flowers blooming everywhere... it’s Summer 👏🏻
I’m happy that you feel more positive today, the rest probably did you good.
Take care 🌹

Carol @carol724

So glad you have a smile today Martin. Spread it around! We all need one.

Susan @godcares

MartinH. I know some on this site think the same as you. I understand. Before you give up and just exist, I suggest you give some of the posts some consideration. Diet/cleanse/though renewal... Believe me, it might seem hard, but you will be proud of the person you become. We all are here to help.

Mark @markcoruk

Your future is unwritten

Michael @michael2614

I feel for you. My uncle had 100% coverage and terrible psa. He was lucky to be gifted with a beautiful singing voice. I get depressed with 40% coverage. I really hope things improve for you. As far as finding someone to share life, don’t think that you won’t find one because of your psoriasis. Personally I fall in love with the person skin and all. You need to meet a real kind person who will understand. Really hope things improve for you.

Angela72 @angela72

I know how you feel, I have pustular psoriasis and it affected my face, I looked like a monster, and still feel like that, even though treatment has cleared it,

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MartinH @martinh
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Here I am. 90% of my body is covered. Don't know how long I can still live like this.

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