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Where do I find diets to get started with this new battle? I am new to this and been dealing with P for a couple of years now, everyday Im finding new symptoms and have been so confused with this, alone most the time and unable to find help.


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Richard, lots of info if you browse the theme section of *diet. I think that elimination diet is a really good place to start. You can also google Psoriasis Elimination diet and find loads of info. Diary Gluten and Alcohol are big triggers for many. You are not alone. :-) We are all in this together!!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello richard ,its a choice to stop eating gluten and wheat,all dairy including eggs,butter cheeses,milk etc,tomatoes,peppers,potatoes,eggplants,sugar,sweetners,alcahol,smoking ,junk foods fast foods, fried foods,peanuts,pizzas,bolognese,currys etc ,all sauces including gravys,ketchups,dressing and mayo,caffene,paprika, limit salt, tap water unless filtered first,processed meats old meats,pork and beef,,citrus fruits,grapes,all packet items ,jars,tins ,cakes,sweets etc,bread and pasta thanks eat planty of fresh veggies no potatoes,all salads no toms or peppers,blueberries, melons,nacterines apricots and peas but, try limit theseas they have sugar,fresh herbs,fresh fish not shell fish, chicken, turkey,lamband venison ideal to go vegan but, that is a choice ,herbal teas like saffron tea green tea,olives and olive oil, i do decaf coffee black as my choice, walnuts,almonds,fitered or bottled water by 2 to 3 litres a day, think i got most of it there

john,Hulk @chewbacca

pears not peas,though peas are okay

Alana @alana1

I have found I can eat any food. My triggers are stress and aggitation... Dr. Axe. Believes Leaky Gut. I just started eating to heal leaky gut...Also boosting the immune system is important.

Alana @alana1

Dr Axe has a lot of information on a low inflammation diet.....His site is wonderful for Psoriasis.....No Drugs

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