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Hi all I have my second round of light treatment tomorrow first one time didn’t work . Dose it normally work for everyone


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Lauren @elledough

Like any treatment it takes time. Give it time to work, it doesn’t work for everybody (stopped working for me) but it works for a lot of people!

Gemma @gemma1991

It’s odd in Scotland had treatment till it went so it worked but in Somerset only allowed it 20 gos each time

Lauren @elledough

When I had mine they started me off with a very short time and I went about 3 times a week. It stopped helping me after not too long unfortunately. It’s very inconvenient to travel to the dermatologist every other day too

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Gemma! An individual session may be too early to tell how it will work out with more sessions...hopefully over time you will begin to see some good results! The theme section has collected posts about "light therapy"...could be helpful!

Brian @brian

Welcome to the community! Phototherapy didn’t work for me but does for some. Best of luck

Leslie @lesliejds1967

Where can you find out about light treatment?

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Gemma @gemma1991
Yeovil, United Kingdom

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